Everything interesting begins in the mind (kappaccino) wrote,
Everything interesting begins in the mind

When we met, light was shed

It is Friday. and I am truly thankful. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home with little man. Both of us have had miserable colds all week and we need some downtime.

My new kitchen table arrives tomorrow! My first piece of furniture (aside from my entertainment center and tv) that is actually mine and not a hand me down. I feel so grown up finally at 30. haha. However slowly replacing the furniture in the house to become mine and only mine, not something used by another family memember first.

Plans for the weekend:

Grocery shopping tonight - I have some good meals planned to tryout..including spaghetti squash which I have never tried before.

Kitchen table delivery at an unknown time on Saturday.

Practicing writing letters and numbers with Jacob...The number 2 seems to be an impossible number for him.

Movie madness with popcorn and hot cocoa. Shrek is one of the movies in the line up.

After little man goes to bed Saturday - I plan on having a Dawson's Creek final season marathon and I really can't wait to re-live my childhood vicariously through teen age drama. And induldge myself in some wine.

Sunday will be filled with chores...not that fun but hey it has to be done. Laundry, dusting, vaccuuming, window washing etc...

Next week I have to go to the dentist...cavitity once again. I have a feeling that I might be eating something that I shouldn't...i.e. unknown gluten or I am allergic to yet another food...cavities seem to becoming more frequent.
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