Everything interesting begins in the mind (kappaccino) wrote,
Everything interesting begins in the mind

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My best friend got engaged....I am so very happy for her. It makes me smile everytime I think about it....

but deep deep down there is sadness that I push away constantly. A constant inner battle with myself. The alone feeling. I am the only one, no romantic companion in my life.

That stupid question they ask you all througout your school career...where do you see yourself in ten years. Sure the hell not where I am standing now.

The butterfly affect is a crazy theory...but constant reminder in my life.


Rooting for my Tigers tonight. Hopefully not as painful like last nights game.
Still coughing..nagging. 2 weeks of cough drops and cough medicine.

Busy work life - benefits, a glowing review from my boss, and spreadsheets that are never ending.

Work, books, and snuggles with my little man are the only way I can escape my mind.

Pumpkin carving contest with my family this weekend. Look out Jacob and I are going to win with our pirate!
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