Everything interesting begins in the mind (kappaccino) wrote,
Everything interesting begins in the mind

I for once am thinking about myself. You walked out of our life so easily for a month and then came back like nothing happened. It hurt to bad this time. I made the choice and I for once actually voiced it to you. " I need to concentrate on me for awhile" I need to make myself strong again, I constantly am telling myself that I am not good enough. I may regret it but right now I don't, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I deserve better, and my little one deserves the world, even if I have to give it to him by himself.

I am ready to be with someone who wants to be with my and help me raise my son. Not just when it is convienent for them. I want someone to spend more than 3 times a month with me, and I want someone to tell about my day whether it is good or bad.

This relationship - if that is what you want to call it, is taking a toll on my both mentally and physically and I am much better than that. I guess I told myself that something was better than nothing even if it was awful. Not true and not worth it.

I have an amazing son, who brightens my day just back walking in the room, with his dot dots and goofy faces. I have wonderful friends who have been their for me and have put me back together when I was broken. Who constantly bring laughter to my life.

So, no I don't need you. I am stronger than this. and I will be okay.
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